End-of-Life Care Research Group at the 11th EAPC World Research Congress Online, 7th to 9th October 2020


Please find below an overview of the presentations and posters of our team members at the EAPC 2020 conference



  • Leemans, K. Palliative care needs and the Covid-19 pandemic – Oral Abstract / Free Communication 7 Oct 2020 12.00-12.50 pm  Circumstances surrounding death of patients during the Covid-19 pandemic: online-survey study with health care professionals from multiple settings providing end-of-life care
  • Leemans, K. Palliative Care needs and the Covid-19 pandemic – poster discussion  7 Oct 2020 1.00-1.50 pm Wellbeing of nurses caring for patients who died during the Covid-19 pandemic in hospitals, nursing homes and at home: an online-survey study
  • Piette, V. Children’s Palliative Care Seminar: Advance Care Planning  7 Oct 2020 6.00-6.50 pm Barriers and facilitators for parents when participating in an end-of-life decision for their infant
  • Van den Block, L. (chair) EAPC Award Winners 8 Oct 2020 10.00 - 10.50 am   
  • Gijsberts, M.J.  Open meeting EAPC Reference Group on Spirituality 8 Oct 2020 11.00 - 11.50 am  
  • Honinx, E.  High scoring abstracts session 9 Oct 2020 10.00 - 10.50 am  The effect of the “PACE steps to success” programme on hospital admissions in the last month of life and the place of death of nursing home residents in 7 European countries
  • Van den Block, L. (chair) High scoring abstracts session 9 Oct 2020 10.00 - 10.50 am   Cohen, J. Themed session: Health Service quality & performance and costs 9 Oct 2020 1.00 – 1.50 pm Using big data to benchmark the quality of end-of-life care and estimate cost implications of quality improvement Cohen, J.
  • Van den Block, L.  Meet-the-experts 9 Oct 2020 4.00 – 4.50 pm Effective components of palliative care intervention



  • Dierickx, S. Free communication session: Other "Care needs of people attending palliative day care centers and their informal caregivers: a prospective survey study"
  • Gijsberts, M. Free communication session: Spirituality and Existential Issues Spiritual care provided by nursing home physicians: a nationwide survey
  • Hudson, P. Plenary III "Do family meetings for hospitalized palliative care patients improve outcomes and reduce health care costs? : a cluster randomized trial"
  • Leemans, K. "Free communication session:Health Economics, Policy and Organization" Nationwide evaluation of the quality of palliative care provided by specialist palliative care services using quality indicators
  • Miranda, R. "Free communication session: Nursing home and elderly patients" "Clinical events and comfort at death in nursing home residents with different statuses of dementia: the six-country epidemiological PACE study"
  • Pivodic, L. "Free communication session: Public Health" Trajectories of physical, psychological and social well-being in the last 5 years of life: a longitudinal study in people with and without cancer
  • Vanderstichelen, S. "Free communication session: Bereavement" The contribution of and support for volunteer palliative care: a survey of volunteers across the health care system
  • Vissers, S. "Free communication session: Delirium and palliative sedation" Control measures for continuous deep sedation until death: a frame analysis of physicians’ views



  • Cantaert, G. (en Vanderstichelen, S. & Chambaere, K.) Volunteer policy in palliative care in Flanders: a content analysis of policy documents
  • De Nooijer, K. Timely short-term specialized palliative care service intervention for frail older people and their family carers in primary care: intervention development and modelling using Theory of Change
  • Gijsberts, M. Training volunteers, nurses and doctors to provide spiritual care: program description and effects on participants
  • Jennings, N. Developing and validating a questionnaire for mortality follow-back studies on end-of-life care and decision-making in a resource-poor Caribbean country (BMC Palliative Care, 2020), 
  • Jennings, N. Palliative and End-of-Life Care in a Small Caribbean Country: A Mortality Follow-back Study of Home Deaths (JPSM, 2020)
  • Leemans, K. (en De Schreye R.) Quality indicators for palliative care, advance care planning and end of life care in nursing homes: results of a pilot study
  • Mertens, F. Heading towards integrated care? Healthcare professionals' experiences with palliative patients' transfers: a focus group study
  • Piette, V. Effects of healthcare interventions on quality-of-life outcomes in children at the end of life: a systematic review
  • Van Dael, A. (en Pivodic, L.) Comparing advance care planning practices, knowledge and self-efficacy among different nursing home care staff: a survey study
  • van Driessche, A. Essential components of an advance care planning intervention for adolescents with cancer: BOOST pACP
  • Van Rickstal, R. (en De Vleminck, A.) Comparing advance care planning in young-onset dementia in the USA vs Belgium: challenges relate to societal context
  • Vandenbogaerde I. The effect on advance care planning on the family carers' involvement in decision-making, and their psychological distress: results of the ACTION-trial
  • Vanderstichelen, S. The involvement of volunteers in palliative care and their collaboration with healthcare professionals: a cross-sectional survey of volunteers in the Flemish healthcare system (Belgium)
  • Vanderstichelen, S. (en Scott, R) Impact evaluation of the EAPC Madrid Charter on volunteering in hospice and palliative care


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