Poster presentation at EAPC 2018

Alphabetical overview of the poster presentations

Poster presentation (P247) - Beernaert, Kim

Information Needs about Palliative Care and Euthanasia: A Survey of Patients in Different Phases of their Cancer Trajectory

Poster presentation (P72) - Dhollander, Naomi

Development of a Complex Intervention for the Early Integration of Palliative Home Care in Oncology Care: A Phase 0-1 Study Following the Steps of the MRC Framework

Poster presentation (P135) - Dombrecht, Laure

Attitudes of Neonatologists and Neonatal Nurses on Neonatal Endof-Life Decisions, a Population Survey

Poster presentation (P120) - Faes, Kristof

Resource Use during the Last 6 Months of Life among COPD Patients: A Population Level Study

Poster presentation (P276) - Maetens, Arno

Influence of Palliative Home Care Use on the Appropriateness of End of Life Care: A Case-control Study Using Propensity Score Matching

Poster presentation (P113) - Scheerens, Charlotte

Barriers and Facilitators on Early Integration of Home-based Palliative Care for People with Severe COPD: A Focus Group Study with General Practitioners and Community Nurses in the Context of a Phase 0-2 Trial

Poster presentation (P20) - Van Dael Anelien

An Advance Care Planning Intervention for Nursing Home Staff in Flanders: A Feasibility Study

Poster presentation (P155) - Vanderstichelen, Steven

Volunteer Involvement in the Organisation of Palliative Care: Results from a Nation-wide Survey of Healthcare Organisations

Poster presentation (P255) - Verkissen, Mariëtte

Information Provision as Evaluated by Cancer Patients and Bereaved Relatives: A Cross-sectional Survey in 34 Palliative Care Services

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