LEIF – Consultation of Life End Information Forum physicians for euthanasia and other end-of-life decisions

last updated 26-04-2019

Survey among LEIF physicians and physicians consulting them to study the characteristics of consultation and practice.

Domain: SedationEuthanasia
Period: 01-2019 to 06-2020

The law on euthanasia initiated the establishment of the Life-End Information Forum (LEIF) in Flanders and Brussels. LEIF provides training for physicians and nurses with the objective of increasing knowledge regarding end-of-life decision-making and palliative care. Physicians can go to these colleagues for consultation on euthanasia and other end-of-life decisions. Additionally, LEIF-physicians are trained to act as mandatory second (or third) physician during euthanasia procedures. Many well-trained LEIF-physicians are currently active in Flanders and Brussel.

Aim & methods
Through a survey of all LEIF physicians and the physicians consulting them in the past 12 months in the context of a euthanasia request, we will be able to study a number of important issues concerning their practice, the most important of which are:

Which consultation requests are LEIF physicians confronted with?
What are the characteristics of their consultation, in terms of their role, their advice and the outcome?
How do consult-requesting physicians evaluate the support of LEIF physicians?
How has LEIF consultation practice evolved over time (compared to an earlier survey)?

The results of this survey (to be published in the first half of 2020) will provide important insight into end-of-life practice, in particular euthanasia practice which remains highly contested in national and international circles


Project group
Project lead: Prof Kenneth Chambaere
Researcher: Stijn Vissers
Project group members: Prof Luc Deliens, Prof Joachim Cohen, Dr. Sigrid Dierickx, Prof Wim Distelmans, Dhr. Paul Destrooper




Federal Ministry of Social Affairs & Public Health


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