Patient-physician communication at the end of life. A European perspective (EURO-IMPACT).


Author: Natalie Evans, Promotors: Bregje Onwuteaka-Philipsen and Luc Deliens, Co-Promotor: Roeline Pasman


Throughout Europe, researchers and practitioners increasingly recognise the ethical  basis of including the patient in end-of-life medical treatment decisions and the benefits of good end-of-life communication on patient;centred outcomes. There  remains however a paucity of European cross-country research on end-of-life  communication practices. End-of-life communication is also complicated by the changing characteristics of the population reaching the end of life; the population in need of palliative care is increasingly old, frail and suffering from multiple morbidities.  However, people with these characteristics  are often neglected in research on end-of-life communication. This thesis addresses the lacunae in research on end-of-life communication in Europe  in cross-country perspective and for older people. The thesis begins by introducing the topic of patient-physician communication at the end of life and the rationale for  researching specific aspects of end-of-life communication. The research section is split  into two parts: part one consists of comparative research on end;of;life  communication in Europe; part two focuses exclusively on the situation in the  Netherlands with a particular focus on older people.

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