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General Practitioner–patient communication in palliative care. Availability, Current issues, Anticipation.

Author: Willemjan Slort

Date: 19-09-2014

Promotor:  Prof. dr. Henriëtte van der Horst and Prof. dr. Luc Deliens
Co-Promotor: Prof. dr. Nettie Blankenstein and Prof. dr. Neil Aarsonson

Summary of the dissertation

If someone has been told that he is terminally ill, than life looks suddenly completely different for that person and his family. A general practitioner wants to assist someone in such a situation as well as possible. In his dissertation EMGO researcher Willemjan Slort (VUmc department of General Practice & Elderly Care Medicine) describes the development and testing of a new training program for general practitioners and GP in training with the aim to improve their communication with patients in palliative care, to ultimately improve the quality of life of patients.

Slort also trained GPs and GP trainees with the new program to test whether the program helped them to communicate better with their patients and whether their patients noted something positive. September 19, Slort successfully defended his PhD thesis at VUmc entitled “General practitioner-patient communication in palliative care. Availability, current issues and anticipation”.

pdf filePhDWillemjanSlort (1.86 MB)