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Kim Eecloo

Kim Eecloo

Datamanager, Administrative and technical staff
+32 9 332 07 91


Kim Eecloo is a clinical psychologist who obtained her master’s degree at the University of Ghent. Before joining our research group she mainly worked with children in different settings. In 2012 she started working as our first data manager and is now also our trial manager. Over the years she’s been involved in several (international) projects like EPCCS, FLIECE project, IPaC, Action, INTEGRATE, and Frailty+, all studies with a strong focus on end-of-life.

Currently she’s working on several studies with a different/broader focus.

ACP+: gives general practitioners the information, confidence, and tools to engage in advance care planning conversations with their patients who are diagnosed with a chronic illness/frailty and their family/support network. For more information please contact Julie Stevens or Lara Craenen.
DIAdIC: a study for cancer patients and their caregiver that focuses on communication and finding the right information on a dyadic level (between patient and a caregiver: partner, child, friend,…). In this study patients with a cancer diagnosis are asked to participate with a caregiver and are randomized to a face-to-face approach, webmodules, or the control group. For more information please contact Orphé Matthys or Vincent Van Goethem
BOOST: this study empowers youngsters with cancer from the ages 10 to 18 to consciously think about 7 topics about they perceive their care and what their preferences in care are. And importantly, how to talk about these topics with their parents and doctors. For more information please contact Anne van Driessche


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