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Sigrid Sterckx

Sigrid Sterckx

Prof. of Ethics and Bioethics, Affiliate members
+32 9 330 75 07


MA, PhD - Ethicist

Sigrid Sterckx, PhD, is Professor of Ethics and Political and Social Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy and Moral Sciences of Ghent University. She is a founding member of the bioethics Institute Ghent. She lectures courses in theoretical and applied ethics as well as social and political philosophy. Her current research projects focus on: end-of-life decisions; human tissue research and biobanking; patenting in biomedicine and genomics; organ transplantation; neuro-ethics; and global justice (with particular attention to climate change and economic governance).  She has published more than 130 books, book chapters and articles in international academic journals on these issues, including the co-authored books Exclusions from Patentability: How far has the European Patent Office eroded boundaries? (Cambridge University Press, 2012), and the co-edited book Continuous Sedation at the End of Life: Ethical, Clinical and legal perspectives (Cambridge University Press, 2013).  She is a permanent research associate of the Centre for Health, Law, and Emerging Technologies, Department of Population Health, University of Oxford (UK), as well as an associate member of the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics, Department of Philosophy, the University of Birmingham (UK). Sigrid also serves on various advisory committees, including the Belgian Advisory Committee on Bioethics, which advises the Federal Government of Belgium, and the Ethics Committee of Ghent University Hospital.


Ghent University
Blandijnberg 2
9000 Ghent